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Ben Price

This defiant trade name expresses poise as a professional farm manager and real estate broker associate at Farmers National Company.


A 25-year farm management client of your company, who is a coffee group friend of mine, referred me to sign-up my farms with you, Ben, to experience pro-active farm management. We have owned the farms for 16 years now, but we never really realized their potential until you made a complete review of our operation. Now, I am seeing my farms for the first time through your trained eyes.

Jim E. from Denver, Colorado

We want to thank you for your tireless dedication to the sale of our Iowa land parcels. You were so gracious and helpful with all of our questions. The closing went successfully today for the Replacement Property. We are very grateful to you and wanted you to hear it from us.

Susan O. from Dallas, Texas

I just wanted to take a moment out of everyone’s busy day to share how much we have enjoyed Ben. He has been very organized, knowledgeable, and pleasant to be with. Our farmers and other operators have also enjoyed Ben.  All changes have been excellent.  

Mark C. from Orlando, Florida

We finally set up our farm with Farmers National last year. Ben Price is our farm manager. We are very pleased with the results! We have been able to get our farm back in the condition we can be proud of.  My sister and I will be able to hold onto the land and pass it on to the kids. This is largely due to the support of Farmers National. 

Rick J. from Los Angeles, California

I can give Ben a project and feel confident it will be taken care of promptly and with great attention to detail. He is a whiz with computers, and I usually learn something new from him every time I visit.

Robert R. from Waterloo, Iowa

Ben is a patient and determined person and also incredibly knowledgeable. I have called on Ben to offer an opinion on a wide variety of topics and he always has excellent ideas that lead to a great solution. One thing of the things that I admire most about Ben is that he is level headed and has a sense of fair play. He also takes initiative is responsible for follow up. In short, he does what he says he will do and I can count on him. Ben has handled the unexpected with his usual poise and professionalism.

Roger H. from Daytona Beach, Florida

I am writing to support the superb care of our farm manager Ben Price has given our farm. Ben has worked each year to assess what he feels is a fair and equitable rent for our land. He has in-turn presented this information to our farm family in a way that they could accept and understand. He has been great at also sending along how the crop on the farm is progressing each year. When I call Ben with a request he responds promptly. He has been a joy to work with all these years.

John E. from Tucson, Arizona

In addition to being highly knowledgeable on agriculture issues, Ben is a combination of extreme competence and hard work.  He has always promptly responded to any questions, requests or concerns that we might have had concerning our farm.  Since we live over 1,000 miles from the farm, we have been very fortunate to have him.

Robert H. from McLean, Virginia

We are pleased with Ben’s guidance and up to date knowledge in agricultural economics. His negotiations in rental agreements and knowledge in soils has provided optimal yields and improved the soils on my farm. My farm is free of weeds and other invasive plants. His knowledge in the fields of agriculture makes him an excellent and outstanding farm manager.

David W. from Naples, Florida

We have been a part of Farmers National since about 1980. Ben Price has managed one of our farms for many years. He gives excellent advice, is very professional and prompt with his correspondence. This year, he secured the best cash rent to date. 

Virginia F. from Manhattan Beach, Minnesota

We want to thank Ben for his assistance in helping us establish a strong partnership between our family, Farmers National, and our farm operator. After our father passed, Ben was an extreme help with all aspects of transitioning the farm for leasing. Ben is knowledgeable, willing to listen, shares options, ideas and answers. He is patient and has always been willing to help educate us throughout our partnership.

Lynnette A. from Des Moines, Iowa

Ben’s fresh and innovative approach for managing our farm is professionally and thoughtfully run with only our best interests in mind.  His experiences with his family farm he was born into gave him a deep understanding about how a farm is managed from the beginning of planting season to the end of harvest season.  He is a very knowledgeable and experienced.

Sheila G. from Asheville, North Carolina

Ben Price has been our farm manager for several years now. He saw us through the derecho in August 2020.  His insurance planning covered us for much of the loss we experienced and softened the blow of that situation for us. Ben also researched and started us on a cover crop program for carbon sequestration, which qualifies for offset payments.  This is another source of farm income too.

Carol S. from Portland, Oregon

The farm has been in the family since 1900. Since the 1940’s Farmers National Company has managed the farm. Ben Price became the farm manager in 2013. Ben has become a personal friend. His success as a real estate broker in addition to his farm management skills. This continuity has stood our family in good stead over many years.

Harry E. from Rockville, Maryland

We have enjoyed working with Ben Price for a few years now. He has always been attentive to our needs and questions. We recently toured our farm with Ben and found even more ways to improve our productivity and value. He is following up promptly with the plans he said he would implement. My daughter and I appreciate the working relationship we have with Ben very much.

Steve N. from Des Moines, Iowa

Ben, we have reviewed the proposal and have decided that we should definitely go in the direction of your farm management services. You and your company's reputation is much-admired.

Fran Z. from Washington DC
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